Sada Chiryan Da Chamba Way Babala Assan Udd Jana - Beautifully Sung by Ali Abbas

Wednesday, 22 February 2017
Sada Chiryan Da Chamba Way Babala Assan Udd Jana

Dear readers, see the picture with another angle, 

though departure of a daughter after her marriage is an emotional part of life for both, the girl who is going to start next phase of her life and for rest of the family  but
we can see some other meanings in this poetry as well.

I'm going to present an example of
such a person who've spent his whole life in just this's and that's of ordinary matters,
and unfortunately remained unable to create a strong connection with his Lord

due to any reason:
lack of information, lack or research, or having no guide
or whatever the reason may be,
when he realizes that
he has lost the time
and its time to move to another world.

Here I'm presenting 2 types of meanings of this poetry (3rd one is already well known which we discussed in starting)

1 meaning is for ordinary people (who try to judge everything with brain):
They can take it as, 
Suppose if a person who is going to die, what will be his/her feelings.

The 2nd one is for those very few people who think with the thoughts of their beloved

M u r s h i d

for them, this poetry is to realize the phase of their life when they are distracted from the way of their "haadi"  (guide)

dhiyan lie pardees way babul
te putraan lie jaageer ay

dukh sehna tay kuj na kehna
dhiyaan di taqdeer ay
(for those who are poor, seeking the way of beloved, it's separation, loneliness, distance for them in this world, and those who are not having a loving soul, have luxuries and joys)
(lovers bear grieves and still never let anyone know)

(Here dhiyan (daughters) are to represent to the seekers, the poor lover)
(puttar (sons) are representing those who are not having any sense of why a MURSHID is necessary) 

way saada chiryaan da chamba, way baabula way
assan udd jana, assan udh jaana

jithay khaiday gudiyaan patoolay
jind aj oosay kar wich doolay

kar diyan kunjiyaan saamnbh lay
assan udh jaana, assan udd janaa

saada chiryaan da chambaa

(telling about the world where he spent his life, now going far forever)

bas akhiyon hun roowo naahi
tay kuj nie ban'na royaan

dukh banday de muknay naayoon
te muknay ne mooyaan

bethi janj booha mall kay
hona main pardeesan Palkey

qismat day naal mail ni 
assaan udd jaana, assan udd jaana

saada chiryan da chamba, way baabala 

(just like the arrival of "Baraat" when someone's "Janazah" is ready, he'd be "stranger" for this world forever.

Guys there is a lot more which can be written about it, but I'm leaving it to you, to think and express your words in comments section.

Looy Looy bhar lay kuriye, jay tudh bhaanDa bharNa
Shaam paie bin shaam Muhammad, ghar jaaNdi ne darna

Kar le jo karna hai, Akhir Maut hai
Aik din marna hai, Akhir Maut hai

(I've not explained it much, because I just wanted to give you an idea, now its your part to do)
[mian mohsin]

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