Ve Mahiya tere Vekhan Nu - Wonderful Punjabi kalaam with english translation

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ve Mahiya Tere Vekhan Nu - (sung by: Ali Abbas) Soul touching Punjabi Kalam with English Translation:

Mahiya in this song is taken as almighty God and CHARKHA is taken as the human body. Human to get a single glimpse of GOD has come on this earth( Gali). Cotton is take as "time" and spinning is "our deeds/actions" .

Laam le chal charkhe nu, moorkha oye
Le chal wich koi mat fatoor howay

take the "charkha" with you oh innocent
keep going without any negativity
Takla sidq yaqeen di maal pa k
manka pawan da je shaoor howay

by wearing the neck-less of truth and faith
if you know how to wear diamond (of his friendship) 

ohdy naa di koi khareed kr k
watt pooniyan je razi ghafoor howy

buy some cotton for "him"
start spinning to make "him" happy 

ohdi yaad wich kat'di raie har dammm
khawree kehri v tand manzoor howay

kept on spinning along with memorizing "him"
 perhaps which spin gets acceptance 

Ve mahiya tere dekhan nu,
chuk charkha gali de vich panwa,

Oh darling, to get your glimpse,
I have placed the charkha in the lane outside the house,

Ve loka paane main kat di,
tang teriya yaad de panwa.

People around think I am spinning the threads of cotton,
But I am actually spinning the thread of your memories.

Charkhe di oo kar de ole,
yaad teri da tumba bole.

I put the charka aside in the shade ( as I don't feel like spinning anymore)
The music of your memories rings in my heart.

ve nimma nimma geet ched ke,
tand kat'di hullare khaanwaan

Humming along the song slowly,
I am spinning gently, the joy when we meet.

vasan ni de rahe saure peke,
mainu tere pain pulekhe,

our relatives don't let me rest at ease,
But I keep getting the feeling that you've come.

ve hoon mainu das mahiya,
tere baaju kidhar main jayiyaan.

Oh darling, I ask you this,
If I don't go to you then were do I go !

ali abbas mahiya tere vekhan nu by Asraar-e-Ishq


  1. I do not understand Pujabi; however, this song is simply beautiful and very well delivered by Ali Abbas. God Bless him.

  2. I think its sung by wadali brothers